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FreeAppSlots – Turning Taps into Cash…again!

Many of you that read this blog have taken advantage of a service I wrote about a while back called FreeMyApps. How it works is that companies sponsor their iOS app on FreeMyApps, you download the app being sponsored, and FreeMyApps shares the profits with you in exchange for trying the app out. What with FreeMyApps doing so well, you know other companies are going to want to get in on the fun. That’s precisely what we have with FreeAppSlots.

Now before I get into FreeAppSlots, I want to make one thing abundantly clear: this is not a gambling site. The slots do play an interesting part in you earning rewards, but don’t be confused by the name. I can assure you that ThinkBoxly would never get behind a company that openly ruins people’s lives to turn a profit. Now, on to the review…

As I already said, FreeAppSlots works basically like FreeMyApps. Several of the rewards are even the same–you can redeem earned points to get individual apps, iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and more. On…

YouTube: the Future of TV (Micro-reviews)

With online streaming of movies and shows gaining popularity, the internet has made itself a very viable option for major productions in recent years. While YouTube may have begun as a creative outlet for non-professionals, its insane success and popularity has made it a choice option for professionals seeking to join in this pioneering effort to bring big-screen quality into streaming video. Here’s my top 3 list of real productions that are available to watch in full at no cost on YouTube.

3. Video Game Highschool
If you’ve not heard of FreddieW, welcome to the internet. Freddie Wong and his gang of full-time content creators impress millions week after week with their geeky plots and self-proclaimed “rad” effects, and their feature length film, Video Game Highschool, is everything you’d expect from a FreddieW movie. It’s full of nerdy humor, intense action, and guns as well as an all-star cast of YouTube favorites, but ultimately VGHS lacks universal appeal. If you’re a fan of video g…

Custom Windows 8 Tiles Tutorial (UPDATED x2)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably well aware that Microsoft has released Windows 8: successor to Windows 7, and father of a new generation of Windows. I recently got my copy, and have been quite impressed with the OS thus far. However, no matter how good Windows 8 is, it can’t make all of my old applications match the new UI in the Start Screen. Thankfully, there is already a way to fix that.

UPDATE: A new version of OblyTile has been released which handles image resizing for you. No longer do you need to worry about the exact dimensions of the large tile image, and no small tile image is required (although you can still make one if you’d like differing small and large tile images). The new OblyTile also features a tile manager which allows you to edit or remove existing tiles, a tile preview, and several other enhancements over the version written about in this post. This tutorial will certainly still work, but now it should be much easier for you! Freely skip st…

Final Thoughts on Windows 8 + Unboxing

In late 2011, we received the first public release of Microsoft’s major new operating system, Windows 8. A few months later, we received a consumer preview. A few months after that, we got the release preview. Now, at long last, Microsoft has made the final build of Windows 8 and it is now available for purchase. Should you get it? Should you hold off? Does it improve the PC? Does it ruin it? Today I will offer up my thoughts, not as an exhaustive review, but simply as practical observations to top off the many technical reviews that have already been done on the basis of preview releases. Let’s dive in.

It’s fast and furious
The first thing I saw when using Windows 8 on my main desktop is just how fast the OS really is. On my experimental PC, the preview releases all ran great…but those were not really used and abused like my daily driver desktop. Initially I attempted a simple upgrade from Windows 7 rather than doing a clean install, and the results were not pretty (DISCLAIMER: I had …