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AppBounty – Continuing the Bounty of Points!

If you’ve been reading this blog much at all lately, you’ll have noticed that points-for apps services seem to keep on rolling in. You may have also noticed that these mobile websites will only work for users who are in the US or otherwise able to operate off of US-based iTunes accounts. Enter AppBounty. Not only does it add yet another points generating website for those of us in the USA, but it also opens the door to all of you fine folks in other countries as well! But with the competition rising, how does AppBounty stack up? Read on to find out!

UPDATE: AppBounty is now available on Android as a free app from the Google Play Store. As of the time of this writing it is still in the testing phase though, so anticipate your user experience accordingly.

In case you’re new around here and haven’t yet heard of websites like FreeMyApps, FreeAppSlots, and FeaturePoints, what these services all have in common is that mobile app developers pay to have their apps featured on the above web…

When WiFi won’t Work (Tip)

So you check in to the hotel after a long day of travel, find your room, unpack your bags, and kick back on the bed with your laptop to catch up on the interwebs. Only problem is…all you get is a blank white screen. What’s going on? How can you get past the issue to start browsing? Turns out the answers are simpler than you might think. Today’s tip is quite basic, but it can be handy in a multitude of situations.

The Problem
So before we can address the fix, we have to know what’s going wrong, right? Well, if you ever find yourself on a public wifi service that fails to deliver more than a white screen, it is mostly likely because of the wireless host’s security. There are basically two ways to secure a wireless network: a password on the router itself, or some form of web-based security portal. Many hotels, cafés, restaurants, and colleges go with the second option because it affords greater control over clients connecting to the host network and is more difficult for black hats to hac…

My Favorite Thing at CES 2013

In case you were not aware, this past week marked the 46th annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Tech companies from all over the world came to show off the latest and greatest of their ongoing developments (and occasionally, commercially available products), ranging in category from smartphones to refrigerators. If it runs on an electrical charge, you’ll find it at CES. So among all the bells and whistles, what was it that stood out to me as the best gadget (or gadget booth) at the show? The answer may actually surprise you!

Yup. You Read the header correctly. E-Ink was by far my favorite display at CES this year. If you aren’t familiar with the name, E-Ink is a display technology that electronically replicates the look of paper for a natural and comfortable viewing experience.

And why does this win my vote for Best of CES 2013?

Put simply, it’s because practically everything else demoed will be outdated by next year’s CES. Handheld gaming devices, smarter, higher-res TV s…

FeaturePoints – Lots of features, not so many points

If you’re like me, you’ve probably found yourself frustrated by the recent lack of sponsored apps available on services like FreeMyApps and FreeAppSlots. Hey, no worries! They’ll get apps again eventually, but in the meantime it sure would be nice if there was yet another points-for-apps/cash service to start racking up some points on. Well it turns out there is, but don’t necessarily expect as much out of it as the other two aforementioned websites.

UPDATE: FeaturePoints is now available for Android as well!

Wait, so what’s all this ‘FreeSomething’ stuff about?
For those who have yet to figure out what I’m talking about, FreeMyApps, FreeAppSlots, and now, FeaturePoints are all web-based services that you visit on your iOS device (Android users may also use FreeMyApps and FeaturePoints). Developers sponsor apps they’ve made on the website you visit, and when you download the apps and try them out, you get some points. Build up enough of these points, and you can share in the profits of t…