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3D Printing in the Palm of Your Hand? Yes you can!

3D printing has long been the dream of…well, pretty much everyone. Who wouldn’t like to manufacture their own plastic-anything with a little creativity and a couple hours of waiting time? While initially restricted to high-profile production studios and universities because of 10-30K price tags, over the last couple of years significant efforts have been made to reduce the cost and complexity of 3D printing to bring the technology into the hands of anyone who might want it. And in the case of 3Doodler, that goal can be taken quite literally.

Ok, so it’s not exactly 3D printing, but 3D doodling comes pretty close. Unlike the recently kickstarted ultra-affordable Pirate3D ‘Buccaneer’ 3D printer, 3Doodler isn’t trying to make it possible for everyone to design things on a computer and then see their creations in the real world. Instead it goes one step further and enables creators to make objects on the spot using their own hand and a very affordable tool coupled with common ABS or PLA Pl…

Remember Me – Flawed, but Still Good (Review)

There’s something in all of us that loves to root for the underdog. However, the gaming sphere is presently more critical than ever before. As a result, Capcom’s Remember Me, brand new developer Dontnod Entertainment’s brand new IP set in a dystopian Neo-Paris, was already getting panned by critics before it even launched commercially. Capcom’s reputation hasn’t exactly been doing well as of late, but does Remember Me really deserve all the negativity, or is this just a case of the underdog getting bullied by its bigger, badder competition?

Let’s start off with my favorite part of any new game: the graphics. I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting much from Remember Me in the graphics department, considering the first preview showed such blocky geometry and low-detail textures that the game looked almost last-gen. Thankfully it matured a lot in its development period, and the end result is overall one of the nicer looking games made with Unreal Engine 3. NPC models are a mixed bag rangi…

Top 3 Games From the E3 ’13 Show Floor

When everyone thinks about E3, they usually think about the big press conferences and dramatic unveilings that occur on-stage. But those who attend E3 in person have a very different idea. To them, the stage shows are only a third of the experience. The rest happens while weaving through thick crowds all vying to get their hands on a controller and try out the new toys for themselves. And it’s not just Nintendo that relied solely on the show floor this year—each E3 there is a plethora of titles to check out that simply couldn’t get a mention on-stage due to time constraints. These behind-the-scenes games are no less deserving for attention, however, and therefore today we’re going to cruise through the selection and highlight 3 games that can only be seen on the show floor of E3 2013.

Tales of Xillia

The “Tales of…” series is not the most prominent among JRPGs on this end of the world, but chances are you’ve heard of at least one of the 14 titles released since 1995. Tales of Xillia re…

Who ‘Won’ E3 2013? (Is that even a question?)

Few could have foreseen the significance E3 2013 would have for the gaming industry. Nintendo already released their new hardware last year, Sony insisted that they would be the last to introduce an 8th generation console, and Microsoft declined to comment about their plans for the future entirely. Crowd favorites like Tomb Raider and Remember Me have now released commercially and will not be making a showing at the conference. What could possibly end up being so special about this E3?

That’s when Sony suddenly held a press conference to announce the Playstation 4, Microsoft followed suit to announcing the Xbox One, Nintendo decided to forego a stage presentation, and Square Enix teased the unveiling of a brand new Final Fantasy game. That, combined with titles for new consoles and titles that have been in development for current consoles for some time now, suddenly made this year’s E3 one of the most important in a very long time. Let’s look at a quick rundown of what happened, and th…

Dropbox is Dead: Long Live Copy?

No other company has so popularized cloud storage as Dropbox. It wasn’t the first to try and certainly not the last—most notably, Microsoft joined in with Skydrive and Google with Google Drive—but something about Dropbox’s style and effectiveness set it apart as the go-to option for synchronizing files over all the many electronic devices we are now expected to have. But now we have another contender: the aptly named Copy. And it really brings the storage space. Lots and lots of it. Will this new kid on the block dethrone Dropbox?

Dropbox offers 2GB of free cloud storage space. That’s enough for a hefty supply of documents, but try storing much else and you’ll be facing a monthly fee for additional space. Up until now, this hasn’t seemed like a stingy setup. Other cloud storage options like Skydrive offered more (5GB, in this case) but lacked the benefits and good image of their competitor. Google’s ToS especially came under fire for basically claiming the right to redistribute and rep…