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Atlus to World: Persona’s Not Dead; Here’s the Games

Japanese game developer Atlus may not be the most well-known name among many circles, but there’s not one person who knows of the company who isn’t also a huge fan. For decades now Atlus has been consistently bringing out some of the finest JRPGs–and other, sometimes oddball genres–in video game history, but one could easily argue that their crowning achievement is the much-loved Persona series. In recent years production of these games was brought to an untimely halt during a severe financial crisis for Atlus and its associated company, Index Corporation, but earlier this year Sega Sammy swooped in to save the day by acquiring the companies and giving them a prominent position in Sega development. The result? We’ll finally get Persona 5, yes, but Atlus won’t be stopping there. To prove to the world what they claimed all along–that Persona was not dead–we’ll see not just that one game, but a grand total of four Persona titles (three of them spinoffs) over the next year or so. For now …

Custom Boot Screens on Android Tutorial

Is your Android device rooted? If so, then you’ve got access to a relatively under-publicized feature of Google’s popular OS: the boot screen animation. Contrary to what you might expect, this boot animation is extremely versatile and it’s completely safe to tinker with as well. The worst thing that can happen is you get a blank screen instead of the animation you desire, but the device will boot normally in the background all the same. And the best thing that can happen is you get a snazzy new boot screen to smile at every time you turn on your device for the day, and that’s worth the ‘risk’, right? If that sounds interesting to you, then proceed on with the tutorial below.

What you’ll need
• A rooted Android device
• A file manager capable of accessing the root file structure (ES File Explorer recommended)
• An image editor capable of rendering animations (Adobe software is especially suited for this, but there are free alternatives) OR a premade boot animation (available through variou…

AndrOpen Office – Finally the Real Deal Comes to Android

As Android is based on a Linux kernel, it has long been the dream of fans of Google’s mobile OS to see desktop Linux applications running on portable devices. In the early years of Android, hardware limitations prevented this dream from becoming a practical reality, but these days things are not so difficult. Many of us regularly use tablets and smartphones with quad-core CPUs running in the 1.5GHz range, a gig or two of RAM, and a capable GPU, whether that be based on NVIDIA’s famous Tegra platform or otherwise. Android devices are becoming more and more like their bigger Linux brethren all the time, and so at last we’re beginning to see some solid ports of Linux software to Android. While many of these ports are little more than interesting experiments at this point, there is one particular project that deserves some serious attention: AndrOpen Office.

As you probably guessed by the name, AndrOpen Office is a full port of, the popular open-source office suite and bigge…

ThinkBoxly’s PC-Building Parts Guide for Gamers (2013)

While there are a variety of PC builders out there, gamers are the driving force behind a significant portion of such enthusiasts. With the Xbox One and Playstation 4 arriving commercially in only a few weeks, next-gen will soon be here in full force–effectively outdating that beastly build from five years ago. Since both new consoles are based on x86 hardware we will likely see an increase in quality PC ports of new games over the next several years, if the PC is your gaming platform of choice now is a good time to start considering your next upgrade or totally new build. Or perhaps up until now you’ve lived with prebuilt machines, and you’d like to get into PC building for the first time to get more performance out of less money. Either way, this guide is for you–not a step-by-step how-to for putting everything together, but something even more preliminary than that. Today we’re going to walk through everything you’ll need and talk recommendations to get you started.

1 – The Case
For …