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Deus Ex: The Fall Review (iOS/Android)

Well, it finally happened. Back at E3 2013 when Square Enix unveiled the next installment in the long-running Deus Ex series would be a mobile game, I said I would buy it if—and only if—they released the game on Android. How very fanboyish of me—I know. For six months Deus Ex: The Fall remained iOS-bound, but last week an Android port of the game was relatively quietly released to the Google Play store, and of course I wasted little time in living up to my end of the bargain. While a mobile game is certainly not what fans of Deus Ex: Human Revolution were hoping for, Square Enix promised from the get-go that it would live up to that game’s high standards despite not being a console title. Did they succeed?

UPDATE: It appears Square Enix will be taking to Steam and releasing a fully controller-supported, texture-enhanced PC version of the game on March 18, 2014. Please bear this in mind as you read the following review, as controls and textures played a part in my overall impression of…

Liberation Maiden for Nintendo 3DS – Amazing Absurdity (Review)

The internet has given many things to the modern world, but for gamers one of the best is these little bundles of awesome that pop up on various e-stores every so often. Sometimes indie hits, sometimes one-off experiments from established studios, these are the games that come out of nowhere and somehow or another manage to just get everything right. Liberation Maiden had all the marks of such a title the moment it hit the Nintendo eShop, and unsurprisingly the telltale signs don’t lie.

Liberation Maiden comes from Japanese game studios Level 5 and Grasshopper Manufacture and creator Goichi Suda, aka Suda51. Grasshopper Manufacture is famous for telling oddball stories, and Liberation Maiden is no exception, although it actually falls on the sensible side of the developers’ usual work. Japan has been laid waste by a growing force bent on world domination known as The Dominion. But never fear, for on a massive ship serving as the Japanese’ place of residence for the time being a ne…

Gigabyte GTX 770 4GB Windforce Unboxing

It is an interesting time of year for anyone on Team Green to consider upgrading their GPU. While NVIDIA had nothing to say about their next lineup of desktop graphics cards at CES last week they are inevitably on their way, most likely for Q2 of this year. Making it an even bigger deal is that both the 600 and 700-series cards were based on the same Kepler architecture, whereas next time NVIDIA’s finally leaving it behind for the new Maxwell architecture instead. But while such names and numbers make the next lineup sound significantly more powerful, chances are the performance increase over what’s on the market today won’t be mindblowing. It’s also worth considering that the midrange 700 series cards are roughly on-par with the PS4 and Xbox One GPUs, so it’s likely that a decent Kepler GPU will be capable of holding out pretty much the entire next generation.

All that being said, what the choice really comes down to is you. If your graphics card isn’t struggling yet, wait. But if you…

CES 2014 NVIDIA Press Conference Liveblog (complete)

Well folks, it’s that time of year again! The annual Consumer Electronics Show is back for another busy week of tech reveals from all sorts of your favorite companies around the world. Kicking off the show tonight at 8:00pm PST is NVIDIA, and as something of a last minute decision, ThinkBoxly will be covering the event live, right here on this very post! The feed you see below is in something of a highly experimental stage, so cross your fingers that all goes well and perhaps you’ll see other CES events covered this week too!

So with that out of the way, sit back, relax, and stay tuned to ThinkBoxly throughout the show tonight!

ThinkBoxly Live – CES 2014 NVIDIA Press Conference

Sunday January 5, 2014
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