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3 Addons to Improve Your YouTube Experience

If you are a PC user armed with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, then you already know that you’ve got the web at your fingertips. What you may or may not realize, however, is just how deep your prying little hands can go. These days it seems we are less content with just browsing the web than ever. We want it customized to suit our tastes and needs. And when it comes to major social services, well, the devs can’t get by with changing anything without enduring the wrath of the world (until everyone forgets what they were angry about and adopts the changes like they’ve always been there). But the truth of the matter is, if you see something around the web that you want changed, with a little know-how you can change it—at least for your own, personal browsing experience. With the recent changes Google applied to YouTube that idea may well be music to your ears right about now, so today we’re going to take a look at three addons for Firefox and Chrome that, while not changing everything…

How to Purchase Japanese iTunes Music/Apps in the USA

Piracy. If you’ve been around the internet very long, you’ve certainly heard this word plenty of times. There’s even a good chance you’ve heard a variety of perspectives on the issue, ranging from diametrically opposing it to considering it free advertising. And in truth, piracy is stupid: you’ll likely be locked out from certain features, get lower quality content than the real thing, and constantly have to battle countermeasures. But worst of all, the content creators are stripped of the support they deserve for their work. Of course, things are not always so clear cut. What if the content creator has not published their work in your country? Is it possible to steal what there never was a license for in the first place? As foreign media continues to rise in popularity here in the US of A, more and more people are asking themselves this question. Answer it however you will—your position is difficult to defend, no matter what stance you take. But what if you could avoid the question e…

The Final Days of Final Fantasy?

Well, it took 30 years, but it finally happened: Final Fantasy got a trilogy. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is out now in the states and on its way to Europe over the next few days. Should you care? Probably not. While Square Enix made a lot of changes mid-development to try and make the game more appealing, in the end we’re still left with a bizarre-o storyline and a glorified dressup figure. Not everything Lightning Returns does is bad, but its legacy will not be the few things it does right. For the most part, all the game does is add fuel to the flames for those who continually decry the death of Final Fantasy. And I have to admit, right about now they make a pretty compelling argument. But how far gone is Final Fantasy, really? Is Lightning Returns’ “end of days” here for the series, or is the series simply falling prey to the vocal minority? Well, let’s think through a few things. First off…

Final Fantasy XIII Wasn’t That Bad…At First
When was the beginning of the end for …

Jedi Outcast & Jedi Academy Return…on Android

While officially LucasArts may be down and out, anyone who experienced the studio’s earlier works will undoubtedly bear fond memories for many years still to come. In particular, many of us will remember the adventures of Kyle Katarn in the beloved Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series–LucasArts’ most popular, until Battlefront came along. Now I don’t know about you, but back in the day it was something of a dream of mine to see those games running on Palm OS or PocketPC. Of course they ran just fine on the PC, but the thought of having a full Jedi Knight game in my pocket was just unbelievably cool. At the time I was dreaming big just to think I might ever see Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight and its follow-up, Mysteries of the Sith running on some kind of pocket device. Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and its follow-up, Jedi Academy, though? That was downright science fiction.

Well, progress has an interesting way of doing more than we’d expect, and while there’s been ways to run the original Dark …