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Why Windows 8.1’s Start Menu is a Bad Thing

What you’re looking at is not a mockup or some third-party application, it’s the real deal built right into Windows 8.1, suggested to hit the public come August 2014. It was first announced at Microsoft’s BUILD conference earlier this year to much applause, as you can see in the video below.

Based on that first paragraph, the upcoming Windows 8.1 start menu might sound like a very good thing. People want it, Microsoft is giving it to them, everyone’s happy, right? Well, not everyone, but those few (like me) who aren’t isn’t really the issue. The underlying problem of Windows 8.1 Update 1 and, from the looks of it, Update 2 is one of being unable to move forward, and because it’s a problem that has persisted in Microsoft’s audience, it is now a problem at the very heart and center of what Microsoft is doing, too. For better or for worse, Microsoft makes Windows 8. That’s it. Oh, sure, they make Office, they make Xbox, but everything they do leans upon Windows 8. You can see it in the Mo…