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Gravity Rush – Dizzyingly Enjoyable (Review)

With the videogame industry generally settled on a few select genres that like to reiterate the same style and mechanics over and over it’s easy to forget just how artful, creative, and unique the medium can be, but even two years after its original release Gravity Rush (aka Gravity Daze in the east) does an excellent job reminding us just how much more games can be than the accepted norm.

Inspired by the style of French comic artists Moebius and Hergé, Gravity Rush takes place in the cel-shaded floating city of Hekseville. Though the busy streets feature no actual French text or dialogue and the story and content are distinctly Japanese there is a persistent European feel to the setting that, honestly, far too few games explore. But this is only one of many ways Gravity Rush doesn’t adhere to the standard. In fact, it doesn’t seem to care about pandering to any particular audience at all—and that’s the best decision the creators could have made.

The Gameplay
As the title implies, Gravit…

Final Fantasy Type-0 Translation Pulled--More than Meets the Eye?

Mention the name “Type-0″ to just about any fan of Square Enix’s long-running Final Fantasy series and passions will immediately run hot. Out of all entries in the troubled Fabula Nova Crystalis sub-series, Final Fantasy Type-0 won arguably the most affection from gamers worldwide…even though it never officially left Japanese shores. The PSP game didn’t hit the Japanese market until 2011—the beginning of the end for Sony’s first handheld platform—and even in the best of cases it wouldn’t arrive stateside for several more months, as is typical for western localizations of eastern games. While more than one late console release has performed just fine at retail Square Enix felt Type-0 wasn’t economically viable for the west and pulled the plug on internal localization efforts. No matter how much or how many fans pleaded for them to reconsider, the Tokyo-based company refused to reconsider, and so fans gathered together to take matters into their own hands.

For the past two years a team o…

Playstation Vita Review – Third Year’s the Charm

Portable gaming consoles got off to a rough start this generation. With smartphone gaming on the rise Nintendo and Sony weren’t entirely sure how to compete and draw gamers’ attentions. Furthermore the last generation of handhelds sold incredibly well and boasted libraries of games that are tough to one-up even today.

But that was the scenario a few years ago. Since then we’ve had time to realize that smartphone gaming can’t compare to dedicated hardware with physical buttons, and we’ve mostly moved on from our DSs and PSPs.

As Nintendo’s 3DS was first on the market it was also the first to really come into its own. Not without some effort, of course—Nintendo had to cut their losses to get folks onboard, but once the audience and the developers were there, the handheld simply exploded. While Sony is almost dismissive of the Vita these days, whether they realize it or not their device is beginning to follow much the same pattern, and should it get a bit of the love it deserves, Sony cou…

Kickstarter Project Raises $70,000…for Potato Salad

Oh, internet, you’re so funny.

The website Kickstarter has drawn a lot of positive attention in the last couple of years. Numerous individual efforts and major productions alike have found their way to market thanks to crowd funding provided through the service. It’s safe to say the world is a little bit better for enabling all manner of entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams and simultaneously bestow upon consumers some really great products that otherwise wouldn’t have seen the light of day.

But not every Kickstarter project is so noble. Whenever a website gets very popular, you know it will draw in that certain someone who just doesn’t take things seriously. So how does one such person make the news? Well, what’s different about this jokester is that his project is just about as awesome as the real deal. That, and real money is involved. Lots of it.

It all began when Kickstarter Zack “Danger” Brown opened a project to support him in his gallant effort to make…potato salad. Yep, it’s ex…

What Ever Happened to the PS Vita?

It seems a weird question to ask of any Playstation device, but here we are. Sony’s latest portable console is now well into its third year, and for years prior Playstation fans begged for what was then known as NGP (next-gen portable). The PSP before it sold tremendously (80 million units worldwide as of last November) and was home to some of the best titles ever to hit gamers’ pockets. When Nintendo made the first move on the latest generation of handheld consoles by releasing the 3DS, serious gamers swept it under their proverbial rugs. NGP is what everyone wanted—Sony’s class and hardware prowess and a library of games able to compete with their home console brethren. And when the Playstation Vita finally arrived, it delivered on all accounts. So why is it now that Sony has seemingly resigned to the Vita being merely an expensive second-screen and game streaming solution while Nintendo is selling 3DSs in their sleep (or at least they were)?

Is it the hardware’s fault? Well, yes and…