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Has the Apple Gone Rotten?

Apple hasn’t been the same since the untimely death of founder and CEO Steve Jobs three years ago—few people will argue that. In days since all the familiar Apple products have gone on being iterated year in and year out, but if it seems to you that each successive generation brings with it fewer improvements and more problems, you’re not alone. The Apple Maps fiasco that left Apple actually recommending Google Maps after removing it from their own system, the so-called ‘antennagate’ affair that dropped iPhone signals just for holding the device in a particular hand, accusations of secretly collecting personally identifiable GPS data that anyone could access, iOS bugs that entirely break some features, drain batteries, or slow CPUs to a crawl, and now the king of all controversies, the instantly infamous ‘bendgate’ problem that leaves iPhone 6 Plus devices broken just for sticking them in your pockets—what does it all indicate for the future of the tech giant?

If the internet is to be …

Destiny Reviewers are Doing it Wrong, says Machinima

There’s no doubt about it: Bungie’s new hit, Destiny, is an undeniable success. As the most preordered game in history it made back its entire $500 million budget…on the first day of release. Of that stock, more than $325 million worth has already sold at retail. Just over a week ago gamers all over the world stayed up until midnight to queue at their favorite retailers or wait at home for the digital edition to unlock, and many of them—if not most of them—came away happy and satisfied. While certainly not without fault there’s a lot to love about Destiny, and Bungie has promised more and more content to keep the experience only getting better over time. In fact, if you didn’t browse around the internet for opinions, you’d probably think everyone was blissfully enjoying themselves and having a great time with it.

Ah, but where would the drama be in that? Turns out reality and the internet tell rather different stories on this one. While copies of Destiny continue to fly off shelves and…

Destiny First Impressions (a not-first-day-review)

Feeling a little tired this fine Tuesday afternoon? Chances are good that’s because you were up at midnight (or much later) playing Bungie’s hotly-anticipated new shooter-slash-MMO, Destiny. After a very long wait that technically began all the way back in 2009 Destiny is finally live and officially available at retail wherever you may live in the world. It’s the most pre-ordered game in history, with figures surging up somewhere around five million copies (we haven’t seen official numbers in a while, so for now take that as an estimate). To be fair, whenever a product is this hyped it is a good idea to temper your expectations. After all, it is only a video game. It may be the latest and greatest now, but Bungie has already told us in no uncertain terms that Destiny 2 is on its way, and in only a few short years Destiny 1 will be obsolete (though no less fun for what it is, I might add). The thing is, when hype levels hit 100% it’s not necessarily about the hyped product anymore. Fiv…

10 Reasons 2014’s Not Over Yet for Gamers

Ever since E3 2014 all the way back in June, it seems all gamers ever hear about is titles coming out next year. And no doubt about it—2015 is going to be huge. Developers have been putting a lot of hard work into making the jump from 7th-gen to 8th-gen, and the fruits of their labor are finally about to come to bear. At times it may feel like there’s not much left to look forward to in 2014 on the gaming front, but in reality that could hardly be further from the truth. While far from an exhaustive list, today we are going to look at 10 reasons why 2014 isn’t over yet—10 games among many more you could possibly enjoy, but these are among the best. Warning: opinions may vary.

Destiny (PS3/360/PS4/One) – Sept 9

Here’s an elephant in the room if there ever was one. We’ve less than a week to go now until Bungie’s latest hit IP, Destiny, the half-MMORPG, half FPS that everyone can’t stop talking about, finally hits shelves and hard drives. And for good reason—Bungie itself is a unique icon …