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How to Stream ANYTHING to (Tutorial)

Gaming has always been a social activity. Even the earliest videogames were intended to be played by two players. Sure, many of the greatest hits in videogame history may be strictly single-player titles, but that hasn’t stopped gamers from feeling the need to share their experiences and finding ways to do it. And these days sharing gaming experiences is a billion-dollar industry all of its own, thanks in large part to the advent of, one of the first and definitely the most popular sites dedicated to hosting live streams of gamers playing all over the world. For some Twitch has become a regular hobby, for others an occupation. In any case, it’s certainly the popular thing to do if you’re a gamer, and for good reason: adding more elements of human interaction to videogames simply makes them more rewarding and enjoyable. Perhaps you’ve watched a Twitch stream or two yourself and want to try your hand at being on the other side of the screen, but aren’t sure where to get starte…

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Gets 40-minute Gameplay Video

Is there anything we haven’t seen of Episode Duscae at this point? After repeated exposure to clips from the upcoming demo, it’s beginning to feel like we’ve already played it, and there’s still a month left until its public release! And as that day draws nearer and nearer you know the folks at Square Enix are drawing ever closer to hitting that ‘gold master’ state where all assets are locked and the final product is shipped out to consumers (or in this case, to Sony and Microsoft’s PSN and Xbox Live servers). And this being the internet, that means the chances of seeing large portions of the product leak in some capacity grow exponentially by the hour. And now we have the mother of all Final Fantasy XV info blowouts at our disposal, courtesy of dedicated fans who took it upon themselves to record a live stream of the game that took place in Japan earlier this Friday.

While the footage above was recorded from the PS4 version of the game, a few minutes of Xbox One gameplay were also sho…

New Nintendo 3DS XL Releases Tomorrow – Should you get one?

I suppose we should be used to this by now.

What began as a seemingly one-off venture for Nintendo with the 3DS XL has definitely turned into an almost yearly event. First we had the Nintendo 3DS in 2011, then the 3DS XL in 2012, then the 2DS in 2013, and now—as you probably are aware—Nintendo has yet another new hardware revision in store for us with the New Nintendo 3DS XL, set to hit North American store shelves tomorrow, Friday the 13th (whose big idea was that?). But questionable release date aside, this particular revision has more people more interested than usual because for once we’re not just looking at a change in form factor, but an actual hardware upgrade. No, it’s not enough to class the device as a successor to the original 3DS, but that also begs the question: is it enough to make it a necessary replacement? Let’s find out, for the good of all still sitting on the fence!

What’s so ‘new’ about the New Nintendo 3DS?
Of course, before we can begin answering the question of …

Atlus Talks Persona 5 Following Gaming’s Longest Troll

Why does a company run a live stream for 30 hours mostly showing off already-released products? Why, to build up hype for new ones, of course! And that’s precisely what beloved Japanese game developer Atlus has done for the past day and a half with the Persona Super Live event (don’t you just love Japanese titles?). After hours and hours of trailers and music playlists featuring Persona 4 Golden, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Persona Q, and even a live broadcast of the first two of three Persona 3 film adaptations, Atlus has finally come forth with the goods everyone’s been waiting for: Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

OK, OK, I jest. But for real, Atlus did give us a new trailer and the opening theme song to this Hatsune Miku-meets-Persona mashup game set to release in Japan for the Playstation Vita on June 25 and an undisclosed later date this year in the west. Really, you should check them out. Even if fast-paced rhythm games aren’t your thing, revisiting the Persona 4 cast one more time is…