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Edge VN 1.3.0 Update Released!

The unplanned updates to Edge VN just keep rolling in! You asked for it, and Edge VN delivers! The new 1.3.0 update is chock full of new and improved features, such as an overhauled, simplified, more readable text engine that now supports bold and italic text markup! Thanks to the changes it is now also possible to have variable typewriter effect speed in real-time (credit to Ronald 'mudora23' for this idea). Characters have also been enhanced with some minor under-the-hood improvements, and a new script has been added to allow switching dynamic animations on-the-fly just like sprites. And for some icing on the cake, another new script adds touchscreen scrolling support to the text log with custom sensitivity! It's above and beyond the 'feature complete' 1.2.0, and you know what to do: open up your asset libraries and update, or head over to the Marketplace to grab the latest and greatest Edge VN for yourself!

Have a comment or feature request? Keep that feedback co…

Edge VN Minor Update 1.2.1

A new update has been published for Edge VN adding two minor, but important features to the new branching dialog options system:

1) Text options can now continue on in the current text block rather than create new text blocks by necessity, and

2) Text options can trigger jumping to a specific string of text within the target text block.

This does mean the addition of a new argument to edgevn_draw_options, so be sure to update your code accordingly. Check the built-in syntax guides or the updated documentation for more details, and as always head on over to the marketplace or your Game Maker Studio asset library to grab the update for yourself!

Edge Engine, 6 Months Later

2015 has been a highly transformative year for ThinkBoxly. That's true both in a literal sense—with the year starting off with a change of web host and CMS—and a figurative one. As ThinkBoxly evolves into a brand, much of the work that goes on around here is now somewhat behind-the-scenes. The first ThinkBoxly-branded product, Edge Engine, has become a heavy focus for the site and many, many hours have been poured into making it as great as it can be. While Edge Engine's roots lie as far back as the second half of 2014, it wasn't until February of this year that it truly came to life with its first published module: Edge Display Scaler. It's hard to believe six months have already come and gone since that time, but here we are, and today Edge Engine stands on a rock-solid foundation that will be the basis for great things to come. Here are the highlights of Edge Engine's first half-birthday.

Edge Display Scaler is now version 1.2.8

While not the first module to be pr…

Edge VN 1.2.0 Released!

It's finally here! Edge VN 1.2.0 was first teased all the way back in June, and now it is published to the Marketplace for your downloading pleasure. While it may not be the biggest update in sheer quantity of changes and additions, what 1.2 does feature are a few critical pieces to the Edge VN puzzle that really round off the module and make it more or less 'feature-complete'. I put 'feature-complete' in quotes because this will by no means be the final update to Edge VN--in fact, there are already a couple new line-items on the to-do list even now--but with version 1.2.0 it is practically everything the original vision for Edge VN aimed to be. All of the basic elements of visual novels are there, and they're fast, efficient, readable, and powerful.

So what's new in version 1.2.0?
First, as promised dynamic characters have returned, fully re-written. With the new primitive-based dynamic character system it is easy for Edge VN users to create real-time animat…