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Major Update! Edge Display Scaler 1.4.0 Rewrite Released!

It's hard to believe, but in a couple months Edge Display Scaler--the first Edge Engine module to be released--will be turning a year old. It's been quite the year, with multiple new Edge Engine modules developed, iterated, updated, and in some cases, even revolutionized. As it stands, all currently-released modules have reached a sort of parity in terms of both quality and the user experience...except Edge Display Scaler. As the first module, it naturally carried along with it the most baggage from being a new venture. But now it reaches a new stage of development as the entire thing has been re-edited and in many cases re-written from the ground up.

Edge Display Scaler 1.4.0 is not the display scaler you once knew--it's one of the most extensive rewrites in the Edge Engine family, and while it accomplishes many of the same tasks as before, it now does so with better, more consistent, more user-friendly code inspired by user feedback. That means a few important new feature…

Final Fantasy Agito+ Cancelled for Vita, Mobile

It's well known that Square Enix has a habit of biting off more games than they can chew, and now following the announcement of Final Fantasy VII G-Bike's cancellation news has broken that another Final Fantasy spinoff is also getting the axe prematurely. Final Fantasy Agito was a mobile tie-in game to Final Fantasy Type-0, confusingly enough bearing Type-0's original name. Despite being a mobile spinoff Agito was actually a full-on RPG and visual novel in its own right, even borrowing many assets from the original PSP version of Type-0 and further fleshing out its bigger brother's convoluted story and myriad characters. It launched in Japan as a free-to-play title in May of 2014, and at E3 a month later it was announced for a western localization alongside the Type-0 HD remaster for PS4 and Xbox One. A premium Playstation Vita port titled Final Fantasy Agito+ was also planned for both regions.

Unfortunately, with the Playstation Vita's troubled support from Sony, S…

Edge VN Update 1.3.6 Published - Fixes, Fixes, Fixes!

As promised, internal development switching gears to Edge UI doesn't mean Edge VN is being left behind--far from it! With so many big features in place and iterated to maturity, it was time to step back, look things over, and work out all the kinks along the way. Bug fixes, refinements, and feature improvements are the names of the game on this one, so you'll definitely want to check out the new version and make sure to update all your Edge VN projects from older versions of the package.

The highlights:

Added support for a third sprite in edgevn_draw_prompt as an ‘auto’ mode indicator.‘Auto’ mode now prevents manual skipping/continuing while enabledFixed a bug where ‘auto’ mode and dialog options would conflict, preventing options from workingImproved touch scrolling in edgevn_log_scroll_swipeImproved text engine with support for arbitrary framerates and successFixed multiple bugs regarding italic text
And as always, you can get the full details in the downloadable online documen…

Destiny 2.0 - It's Nice to be Proven Wrong

In general, nobody likes being contradicted. But sometimes, every once in a while being proven wrong about someone or something can mean the difference between disliking or liking them. Yes, in that order.

Fabled game developer Bungie has been in a bit of an awkward spot pretty much since their latest endeavor, the MMOFPS Destiny, released. It pretty much immediately fell out of favor with reviewers, and while much of the player base initially disagreed with critical opinion, the longer the world spent with the game, the deeper everyone watched its cracks form. While it has never really lacked players, Destiny has long been short on customer satisfaction, and the addition of two $20 expansions more or less failed to swing the drifting ship back onto its course. In fact, the game remained such a mess of a product that at one point I declared there was no fixing it without fundamentally reworking the game from the ground up—something any company would normally be reluctant to do. The amo…