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Edge VN 1.4.0 Update Released!

Edge VN 1.3.0 was a defining moment for Edge Engine, and ever since that major release Edge VN has been focused on becoming as rock solid as possible to support new features with reliable functionality. First 1.3.6 provided sweeping improvements, and now 1.4.0 builds on what it started for the best version of Edge VN yet!

The 1.4.0 release packs numerous under-the-hood fixes and code cleanups to ensure the smoothest experience possible, and also adds yet another new feature: the ability to hide/show on-screen text! Visual novels are designed to pride themselves on artwork, and now Edge VN users will be able to enjoy characters and scenery free from obstruction while still enjoying voice acted dialog (if any) for a highly cinematic visual novel experience.

Because 1.4.0 represents the peak of a string of major updates, a new demo video has been created showcasing all the new features introduced since 1.3.0. Check it out!

As always, the latest version of Edge VN can be downloaded straight …

Edge Display Scaler 1.5.0 Update Released!

Another week, another Edge Engine update! Following the major rewrite of Edge DS 1.4.0, 1.5.0 smooths out a lot of rough edges of both the performance, cosmetic, and functional variety.

New in this version is the ability to set minimum resolutions on all edgeds_set_* scripts, which also provided incentive to further unify script syntax. All edgeds_set_* scripts now follow the exact same syntax regardless of their unique functionality, making it easy to use and switch between different scaling modes.

Due to some user confusion on how and when DPI mode works in Edge DS, the built-in stats view now features a DPI adjustment warning when DPI mode is in-use. DPI mode is also now disabled by default--an 'opt in' feature rather than 'opt out'.

And speaking of things being 'out', Edge DS just got that much cleaner: the edgeds_get_prevscale script has been merged with edgeds_set_* scripts and is no longer necessary; therefore it has been removed from the package entirely.…

Hello Inspiration, Hello Edge FS!

If you've been following the development of Edge Engine for any length of time, you're probably expecting the next module announcement to be that of Edge UI. Well, when inspiration comes knocking, it's usually a good idea to answer, and in this case development of Edge UI was temporarily put on hold for the development of a pair of super-secret experimental projects, one of which is experimental and super-secret no more. In fact, it's available right now!

Introducing: Edge Engine Filesystem!
Edge Engine Filesystem, or Edge FS for short, is a new Edge Engine module designed to make save and load operations as easy and robust as possible. A single script can save and encrypt virtually every data type supported by GameMaker Studio, and additional scripts provide even more layers of information to complete the package. And yes, I did say encryption--just saving files is all well and good, but what if you don't want users of your applications fiddling with the settings ou…