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Edge VN Major Update 1.5.0 Released!

Never say never...

Edge VN has been making major strides ever since version 1.3.0, and strap on your seatbelts, because while 1.4.0 was intended to be the end of this streak, Edge VN isn't done looking up yet! 1.5.0 is now out in the wild and packing even bigger upgrades than 1.4.0!

Literally every aspect of Edge VN was carefully re-evaluated and edited to make 1.5.0 as solid and user-friendly as possible. A few components were even nearly re-programmed in their entirety for even simpler and more efficient operation than ever before. The changelog is a long one this time around, so be sure to check out the Edge VN documentation for full details! And as always, you can also check out the Marketplace for more info and to get Edge VN for yourself, and existing users can download the update straight from their GameMaker Studio Libraries. You won't want to miss this one!

Internet Finds FFVIII's Promo Website is Still Up and Running

Let's face it: the internet is a very fickle place. What's here today could easily be gone tomorrow with the flip of a switch. On a smaller scale, that switch is expected to flip eventually. Products become obsolete, companies go out of business, or for whatever reason traffic dies and leaves behind an empty wasteland of information that's good for nothing but racking up server bills. However, in the past couple of decades a few relics of an era gone by have managed to slip through the cracks and remain online, presumably tucked away in a forgotten folder on some shared server hosting multiple other sites of more present importance. It's long been known that the original Space Jam promotional website is still around (and serving as a living reminder of how hideous '90s internet could be), but a more recent find may be even more impressive.

Yes, the European promotional site for Final Fantasy VIII is still alive and kicking, Squaresoft logo and all. Even more impress…

Introducing Edge FMV - Video Playback in Native GML!

If you noticed a few weeks ago in the announcement post for Edge FS that there were two super-secret projects in development around here and yet only one got announced, you may have been wondering what and where the second was. Well, wonder no more, because Edge FMV has seen the light of day and is now available to the general public!

Edge FMV started as an experiment--a hack, even--to see if it was possible to achieve video playback in native GML code--no extensions, no DLLs. While early tests showed promise, many hurdles still remained--so numerous and so challenging that a public release of Edge FMV seemed far from guaranteed. But one by one new breakthroughs were found, and now I am very pleased to present the grand version 1.0 to the world as the newest member of the Edge Engine family!

While Edge FMV retains its 'experimental' status and likely always will, in the past few weeks it has developed into something truly usable and even suitable for commercial purposes. The inc…