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Edge Engine December Updates

As the month reaches its halfway point, more and more of the world is being hit by the realization that the big Christmas holiday is just around the corner--and there are still gifts to be gotten! Well, the same is true for Edge Engine, and so this week we have a pair of updates for your seasonal programming pleasure.

First, Edge VN has reached version 1.5.1 with a new update containing a handful of minor bug fixes and two not-so-minor additions to the dialog options system. First, it is now possible to run multiple consecutive dialog options in a single text block, including re-using IDs. Second, selected dialog options have been given a slight delay, which gives the user a chance to recognize that their choice has been acknowledged and the developer a chance to show off a bit more GUI flair! As always, details are in the included documentation, which can also be read online, here.

Second, the experimental Edge FMV player has been given a new feature: the ability to endlessly and seaml…

Final Fantasy VII Remake to Span More Than One Game

It's long been well known that Hollywood isn't always the best of influences, and that it loves sequels. Recently we've seen these two realities come together in movie series that take their source content and divide it up to create multiple volumes where originally there was only one. Twilight, The Hobbit, The Hunger Games--all the cool kids are doing it, so why shouldn't videogames?

At least, that seems to be Square Enix's reasoning behind this latest bit of Final Fantasy VII Remake info. Hot on the heels of Sony's second annual Playstation Experience conference came a press release earlier today promoting again the gameplay trailer that opened the event's big keynote this past Saturday, which you can watch again (and again and again and again) below.

Now, if this was like any other press release it would stop there, everyone would nod, close the email, and move on. But it didn't stop there, and the information that followed left many scratching their h…

Sword Art Online: Lost Song - An Ode to SAO (Review)

It's a bit hard to believe that what began as a formerly Japan-exclusive low-budget PSP title has now become an annualized multi-platform series for all regions, but here we are: Sword Art Online is just that popular, whether or not you are of the opinion that it deserves to be. And truth be told, following a painfully mediocre second anime season and two pretty 'meh' ports of the pretty 'meh' game that was Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, it was something of a mystery as to how Bandai Namco felt it could guarantee indefinitely more titles moving forward. As a result, the recently-released Sword Art Online: Lost Song for the Playstation 4 and PS Vita almost flew under my radar.


Instead, now I'm the one doing the flying, and honestly enjoying every minute of it.

GameplayFor yes, Sword Art Online: Lost Song is all about flying. It's rare for videogames to allow this level of freedom of movement, but it's here in this game, and simply put, it's …

Hajime Tabata: "No Plans" for a Final Fantasy XV Sequel

In an interview with Chinese gaming site VGTime during the annual Game Developer's Conference in Shanghai, China, director of Final Fantasy XV Hajime Tabata recently delved into some interesting discussion surrounding both pre- and post-release content for the next numbered title in the long-running Final Fantasy series. Once again a second demo for the game was hinted at, which Tabata said would contain different content than the Episode Duscae demo that shipped with copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 back in March. While he neglected to go into detail about what this 'different content' would entail, back before the release of Episode Duscae Tabata commented that perhaps the TGS demo of Final Fantasy XV could be converted into a playable area for gamers who missed out on Type-0's offering. Whether or not this is still on the cards for Square Enix remains to be seen. At any rate, if another demo is to be released Tabata assured players that it will be built for both Plays…