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GPU Wars: NVIDIA GTX 1070 vs 970 + Unboxing!

It's that time again! A new generation of desktop graphics technology is upon us, and that means more of every PC gamer's favorite pastime: GPU unboxings and head-to-head benchmark battles to see just how much better this year's offering is over last year's and beyond. For Team Green, the new 10-series lineup represents a very important leap forward, crossing the threshold of great VR, high-refresh rate, and ultra-HD performance, but it also marks a step up in MSRP, and—at least for the time being—you'll be lucky to see prices even that low. With everything riding on it, can the sweet-spot GTX 1070 deliver a worthy bang-for-buck? Let's find out.

Unboxing and Specs

This year's batch of desktop graphics cards from NVIDIA represent a leap forward that many people have awaited since Fermi. The rules of what consumers expect from their GPUs are being rewritten thanks to the advent of other new technologies, and to match NVIDIA has also set a new standard for refer…

Introducing ThinkBoxly Docs, Now Live!

For the past year-and-a-half since Edge Engine's inception, ThinkBoxly has been providing not only powerful tools for budding game developers, but also extensive learning resources to assist in using them effectively. However, up until now this documentation was limited to PDF files that were difficult to search locally and unwieldy to embed online. But with a new addition to the site, available live today, all that is going to change. Please welcome, aka ThinkBoxly Docs!

ThinkBoxly Docs is a hub for all ThinkBoxly products, specifically Edge Engine. Full documentation is available for reading online and for free download in PDF format. With the new site, reference resources are always at your fingertips no matter what device you're using. Have questions that aren't answered in the documentation? ThinkBoxly Docs also features a simple feedback system on every item, giving users the chance to voice their opinions and by consequence shape the available inf…

Edge VN 1.8.0 Released, Plus a Commercial Edge VN Novel!

Edge Engine's flagship module has reached its biggest milestone yet, and in more ways than one! For the past few months Edge VN has been receiving major updates to overhaul every aspect of the visual novel suite and bring to it a new level of features, performance, and stability. Now that quest is complete, and on top of that, one of the first commercial visual novels built on Edge VN is now available to the public!

A New Edge VNThe last version of Edge VN, 1.7.0, was one of the biggest single leaps the module made since its inception. The new 1.8.0 update finishes what it started with even more overhauls, feature updates, unifying of existing elements, and performance improvements.

Here's the full list of updates to this version of Edge VN:

• Updated edgevn_create_text to set the drawing font, enabling variable fonts per string. The text font parameter
in edgevn_draw_text is now an override and can be disabled

• Added optional auto ID mode to edgevn_create_text and edgevn_create…

The Ultimate Guide to Upgrading a PS4 Hard Drive

Well, the current console generation is firmly in its third year now, and if you're like me you've been downloading a steady stream of digital content ever since...and playing a sort of musical chairs with any content that doesn't fit on the standard 500GB hard drive shipped with the Playstation 4. And sure, uninstalling infrequently used games is a fine way to stretch the capacity of built-in storage, but as the generation goes on, I find it harder and harder to part with my favorite titles—a list that keeps growing beyond what 500GB can reasonably handle. And let's not even get started on screenshot and video captures.

If this sounds familiar, then the good news is, upgrading your PS4’s internal storage is about as easy as can be—and no, you don't have to lose your content (or void your warranty) in the process. Yes, this includes PT. That being said, while it's not exactly complicated, it is rather involved, and there's a surprising lack of good guides ou…

Tales of Xillia 2 is the Best JRPG You've Never Played

The past year has been something of a lesson for me: a lesson in how little time I have to play videogames these days.

It all started in 2015 when I picked up Tales of Xillia 2 on a sale and started playing it almost on a whim. Tales of Xillia 1 was an experience I remembered enjoying a couple years prior, but its characters and story were largely lost on me. I expected the same of Xillia 2—this was a game I was playing to finish a sub-series I started, not because I was particularly anxious to return to a world I missed.

Little did I know it would not only take me a year to finally reach the credits, but that it would end up being one of the most memorable JRPG experiences I've ever had.

Of course, to clarify, Tales of Xillia 2 isn't the only game I've played in the past year. All told I only clocked 40 hours in my final save file, a length of time I've put into multiple other games in between, but despite my tendency to pick it up and put it down and pick it up again I …

Top 3 E3 2016 Show Floor Games not on Stage

While E3 may be best known to the general public for its high-budget stage presentations, the real show doesn't technically even begin until the press conferences end. And every year there are always a handful of gems to play on the show floor that just didn't get the attention they deserved on-stage. Thus, for the past few years it has been ThinkBoxly's tradition to hunt down and name the top 3 games from E3 that you might've missed. And let me tell you, this year they're big ones.

Gravity Rush 2

Ok, so technically Gravity Rush 2 was on stage for approximately two seconds as part of Sony's closing montage, but oh, does it ever deserve more than that. The original Gravity Rush was a wonderful game whose charm only shone all the brighter when it made the jump from Playstation Vita to PS4 earlier this year, and the sequel looks set to be everything the first game could've been if it was a home console title from the start. Bigger and brighter environments to fl…

E3 2016 Roundup - The Calm After the Storm

It has now been three years since the E3 that rocked the gaming space into a rollercoaster ride that has continued throughout the years since. Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One to extreme criticism and Sony the PS4 to extremely positive critical reception. In 2013, the third parties didn't matter. It was all about Xbox vs PS4—and more specifically, how Sony's press conference virtually trounced Microsoft's in every possible way. Harsh, but true. Cue E3 2014, and not much changed. Microsoft decided to play it safe with their press conference and came out looking sheepish for it while Sony steamrolled onward, riding on the market success of the PS4 as a direct result of the previous year's event. And need I even remind you of E3 2015? While Microsoft came back strong with a new controller and backwards compatibility, it's hard to beat a Final Fantasy VII remake, Shenmue 3, and The Last Guardian all making an appearance at once.

But something else happened at E3 2015 bes…

Oculus Rift Unboxing & Review - VR Begins

Virtual reality. Like the internet, it's something that mankind conceived of in the earliest days of modern technology, even if it wouldn't be realized until much later. For the internet, 'later' came a solid thirty years ago, although it wouldn't reach mainstream popularity for another ten. With the advent of the Oculus Rift, that's where we are again: the dark ages of something world-changing in its formative stages, impressive for where it is now, but most exciting for where it's going to be.

As it stands, today's virtual reality is in an awkward place—premium and refined on the outside, packing the best that current technology can offer on the inside, and yet perhaps jarringly crude to actually experience. And yet even with that crudeness, wearing an Oculus Rift is still one of the most exciting and compelling virtual experiences you can have to date. Nothing even needs to be happening around you in order for the virtual environment to be completely …

Edge VN Major Update! v1.7.0 Now Available!

If you've been using Edge VN for the past few months, you'll have noticed that it has sat at v1.5.4 for a while now. As of today, I'm very proud to unveil the reason why: v1.7.0 is now here, and as the leap in version number suggests, it's a big one! The new update completely overhauls the code from previous versions and adds a plethora of new features, making this the cleanest and best version of Edge VN yet! Read on to find out what's new:

Version 1.7.0 of Edge VN features:

• Migrated all drawing functions to the Draw GUI event (Warning: this could affect projects made using previous versions of Edge VN!)

• Rewritten scene engine—now cleaner, easier to use, and includes optional parallax effect with characters!

• Added edgevn_create_next_block script for easily stringing multiple text blocks together

• Added character scaling and transparency options to edgevn_char_style

• Added audio functions for playing sounds and music within the context of Edge VN events

• Added ed…

Edge Filesystem Update 1.2 Now Available!

You asked, and while it was a while in the making, Edge Engine is delivering! Edge Filesystem, or Edge FS for short, is a comprehensive save/load system that from the beginning has featured whole-file encryption to prevent users from tampering with saved values. However, some felt that the included form of encryption was not strong enough and requested something more secure for storing especially sensitive information. As of version 1.2, you can put all fears of security to rest. The new update comes packing support for military-grade high-level encryption on ds_maps, a form of data structure ideal for storing pairs of keys and values--similar to an .ini file, but in pure code. This means it is now safe to store passwords and in-app purchase data in ds_maps saved with Edge FS, as only your game and your game alone will be able to read the information contained within. Not convinced? Take a look at this webpage describing the sheer improbability of AES encryption being cracked with bru…

NieR: Automata Gets Character Trailer, Screenshots Ahead of E3

In the year since NieR: New Project, now known as NieR: Automata was announced, developer Platinum Games has been relatively quiet on the game. First we got a small peek during Paris Games Week 2015, and then...well, we never heard much of anything else, really. But development seems to be coming along speedily, if the newly-released character trailer is any indication. Gameplay begins at 0:45, following a brief introduction as part of an event dedicated to the game recently put on by Square Enix in Japan.

The game appears to be ramping up publicity for the long haul, too. In addition to the above trailer, a number of screenshots were also released--and all this a mere month before E3 2016, where NieR: Automata will surely make an appearance again.

View the full gallery at Gematsu
And a worthy appearance it is. Unlike previous NieR and its sister Drakengard games, Automata looks to be very polished for still being in active development. While some long-time fans may complain that the ser…