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Amazon Fire 5th-gen Review - The $50 Tablet That Could

The 5th-gen Amazon Fire is an interesting little device, simultaneously ambitious and barebones. While the prospect of a $50 tablet is itself nothing new, in the past this price point was exclusively the domain of Chinese knockoffs and barely-functional toys for small children. But when a name like Amazon steps in, things are immediately a bit different. Amazon has already proven itself as a budget hardware manufacturer with its excellent Amazon Basics lineup, and now the Fire brings the same spirit into the tablet space, and with some pretty impressive results...considering the price.

Of course the first question that everyone wants to ask about the Amazon Fire is: can a $50 tablet really be any good? While I'm happy to report that the short answer is 'yes,' that's a response loaded with caveats and a distinct awareness of the Fire's asking price.

Build QualityFor starters, at $50 one of the first things you'd expect to go down the tubes is the actual build qual…

Edge VN - Advanced Visual Novel Engine for GameMaker Studio

The Edge Visual Novel Engine, or Edge VN, is a fully cross-platform text and character engine designed for use in full visual novels and RPG-style dialog scenes. It is highly optimized for maximum performance and ease of use without sacrificing power. All code is fully notated and designed for human readability, and extensive documentation is included.
read documentation Features:FAST. Edge VN's text drawing technique is highly optimized and has almost no performance impact, and other elements have been designed with minimum impact in mindAdvanced, yet easy-to-use text engine with support for a typewriter effect, multiple colors, and hyperlink-style 'reference links' using simple markup directly inside Game Maker StudioStatic and dynamic character cut-ins with automatic and extensible animations!Background scene engine with extensible effects system!Branching dialog options system (added by popular demand!)Support for voice-acted dialog or sound effectsElegant text log for r…

Edge FS - Save, Load, and Encryption Filesystem

Securely save and load virtually any variable! Edge FS makes it easy to store and retrieve real and string variables, arrays, data structures, surfaces, and screenshots on system storage for a complete save file solution in one small package! Also features whole file encryption and obfuscation to prevent tampering with stored data without inhibiting usability or compromising data integrity.
read documentation Features:FAST! Save and load operations are near-instantaneous even when handling large amounts of data!Detailed timestamp with accurate date, time, and total time played across multiple sessions!All data is user-erasable without leaving the running application!Extended encryption functionality usable even outside Edge FS!All code is human-readable, heavily annotated, and full documentation is included in the package!Documentation and an interactive demo is included for more details on all of these functions, including example usage!


Edge Display Scaler - Simple Responsive Design Solution

Edge Engine Display Scaler is a fully cross-platform set of scripts designed to set your games free from fixed resolutions. With just one pre-made object, a handful of extra utility scripts, and a little of your own creativity, you can build a game once and watch as it gracefully scales to practically any alternative resolution in real-time without blur or inefficient tricks like room switching. Perfect for games meant to be run in a window or in multiple orientations on mobile devices!
read documentation
Edge Engine Display Scaler is very beginner-friendly with fully notated, easy-to-read coding techniques, but also provides tools that give GML programmers the power to easily design games for multiple resolutions similarly to CSS in web design. Using variables already at work in Display Scaler, game developers can access games' scale multiplier (how the current scale compares to the base resolution the game was designed in), the previous scale multiplier (for detecting changes in s…

Edge FMV - Experimental GML Video Player

It's finally here: full video playback in GameMaker native GML! No extensions, no DLLs, no platform-specific libraries. With Edge FMV, a few lines of simple code are all it takes to get your videos playing on nearly every platform supported by GMS.
read documentation Features:Play, pause, seek, and skip videosEasy progress bars with a single scriptFramesync adapts videos to any room speed and compensates for lag to achieve perfect timing under any conditionsAudiosync prevents video and audio tracks from becoming desynchronizedManual video/audio offset (e.g. to correct lip syncing)Video transforms: position, scale, rotation, color blending, and alphaOptionally hide mouse during playbackExposes numerous built-in variables for advanced users to get the most out of Edge FMVAnd more!

Note that traditional video formats (.mp4, .avi, etc) are not supported. These formats must be converted for playback with Edge FMV using the included MakeFMV custom video conversion application (…

Edge Engine Hex - True GML Hex Color Notation for GameMaker Studio

Edge Engine Splash Add true hex color notation support to Game Maker Studio...for free!

Hex or HTML color notation is one of the most popular formats for defining color, and is used across thousands of professional applications and programming and design languages. Its brevity and simplicity make it easy to use and remember, and is already the preferred form of notation for countless developers.

While Game Maker Studio has long had a rudimentary implementation of hex color notation its uses are severely limited and don't follow standard hex syntax. With Edge Engine's make_color_hex script, however, using standard hex notation for any purpose is as easy as built-in Game Maker standards—in fact, if hex is your preferred color notation, it's easier!

Wherever you wish to use hex color notation in your GML projects, simply run the script with the first argument being the desired color in quotes, such as:


As an added bonus, inclusion of the # symb…

Edge Engine Splash Screen - Easy, Elegant Branding Solution

Edge Engine Splash Screen, or Edge SS, is a fully cross-platform splash screen module designed for ease of use and feature-richness for the ultimate splash screen solution. All code is fully notated and designed for human readability, and extensive documentation is included.
read documentation Features:Elegant splash screens with custom fade in, pause, and fade out timesBrilliantly simple execution requiring only two or three lines of code at minimumAdvanced splash screen variants for users who want complete controlMultiple splash screens can be strung together seamlessly with no 'if' statements or extra codeAny code or action can be triggered when splash screens are completeExtensible animation effects system to go beyond simple fadesAdapts to any FPS

And of course, Edge SS is compatible with all other Edge Engine modules as well! Try it with Edge Engine Display Scaler for instant compatibility with all screen resolutions!