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Edge Engine Progress Report - March 2016

It's been a quiet month for ThinkBoxly, but don't let the silence fool you: things are ramping up behind the scenes for some really big projects set to be revealed throughout the rest of the year, not limited to but certainly including Edge Engine. As it stands, most existing modules have matured to a point where all essential features have been added and all known bugs have been corrected. In fact, the month of March marks an important milestone for Edge Engine as the first month since the engine's launch in late 2014 to see no module updates at all. But you'd be sorely mistaken to think that I'm simply resting on my laurels--rather, I've been hard at work on Edge Engine's most ambitious (and most-delayed) module yet: Edge UI.

An early, working test of an Edge UI window. Demo text not final.
If you've followed Edge Engine for very long, you've no doubt heard the name Edge UI thrown around a bit with nothing of it ever materializing. The challenges of…