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NieR: Automata Gets Character Trailer, Screenshots Ahead of E3

In the year since NieR: New Project, now known as NieR: Automata was announced, developer Platinum Games has been relatively quiet on the game. First we got a small peek during Paris Games Week 2015, and then...well, we never heard much of anything else, really. But development seems to be coming along speedily, if the newly-released character trailer is any indication. Gameplay begins at 0:45, following a brief introduction as part of an event dedicated to the game recently put on by Square Enix in Japan.

The game appears to be ramping up publicity for the long haul, too. In addition to the above trailer, a number of screenshots were also released--and all this a mere month before E3 2016, where NieR: Automata will surely make an appearance again.

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And a worthy appearance it is. Unlike previous NieR and its sister Drakengard games, Automata looks to be very polished for still being in active development. While some long-time fans may complain that the ser…