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Introducing ThinkBoxly Docs, Now Live!

For the past year-and-a-half since Edge Engine's inception, ThinkBoxly has been providing not only powerful tools for budding game developers, but also extensive learning resources to assist in using them effectively. However, up until now this documentation was limited to PDF files that were difficult to search locally and unwieldy to embed online. But with a new addition to the site, available live today, all that is going to change. Please welcome, aka ThinkBoxly Docs!

ThinkBoxly Docs is a hub for all ThinkBoxly products, specifically Edge Engine. Full documentation is available for reading online and for free download in PDF format. With the new site, reference resources are always at your fingertips no matter what device you're using. Have questions that aren't answered in the documentation? ThinkBoxly Docs also features a simple feedback system on every item, giving users the chance to voice their opinions and by consequence shape the available inf…

Edge VN 1.8.0 Released, Plus a Commercial Edge VN Novel!

Edge Engine's flagship module has reached its biggest milestone yet, and in more ways than one! For the past few months Edge VN has been receiving major updates to overhaul every aspect of the visual novel suite and bring to it a new level of features, performance, and stability. Now that quest is complete, and on top of that, one of the first commercial visual novels built on Edge VN is now available to the public!

A New Edge VNThe last version of Edge VN, 1.7.0, was one of the biggest single leaps the module made since its inception. The new 1.8.0 update finishes what it started with even more overhauls, feature updates, unifying of existing elements, and performance improvements.

Here's the full list of updates to this version of Edge VN:

• Updated edgevn_create_text to set the drawing font, enabling variable fonts per string. The text font parameter
in edgevn_draw_text is now an override and can be disabled

• Added optional auto ID mode to edgevn_create_text and edgevn_create…

The Ultimate Guide to Upgrading a PS4 Hard Drive

Well, the current console generation is firmly in its third year now, and if you're like me you've been downloading a steady stream of digital content ever since...and playing a sort of musical chairs with any content that doesn't fit on the standard 500GB hard drive shipped with the Playstation 4. And sure, uninstalling infrequently used games is a fine way to stretch the capacity of built-in storage, but as the generation goes on, I find it harder and harder to part with my favorite titles—a list that keeps growing beyond what 500GB can reasonably handle. And let's not even get started on screenshot and video captures.

If this sounds familiar, then the good news is, upgrading your PS4’s internal storage is about as easy as can be—and no, you don't have to lose your content (or void your warranty) in the process. Yes, this includes PT. That being said, while it's not exactly complicated, it is rather involved, and there's a surprising lack of good guides ou…