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Update 02 - Introducing VNgen, the Future of Edge VN

Hello, world! It's me again, back with another update. Last time, I shared a bit about starting Shaft Interactive and the new version of Edge Engine to go with it, Shaftworks. Check that post out here if you haven't yet. While it's still early-stages stuff, Shaftworks has already been in development for some time now with my initial efforts focused squarely on the successor to Edge VN, which will be known as VNgen. Today we'll take a look at where VNgen currently is in development, the technological breakthroughs that made it possible, and some of the key features that set Shaftworks apart from Edge Engine—and pretty much anything I've ever made before.

Although you haven't seen it yet, Shaft Interactive's slogan is "telling stories with code." And with such a major focus on story, an effective, interactive way to tell stories is at the very center of what Shaft aims to do.

From Concept to CreationEnter Shaftworks VNgen, the spiritual successor to E…

Update 01 - Introducing Shaft Interactive and the Future of Edge Engine

It has now been five years since I first launched ThinkBoxly. It's been a fantastic experiment and learning experience from day one—one that hasn't necessarily turned out like I imagined, but that certainly has prepared me for bigger and better things. For the past two years I've slowly shifted from commentating on what other people create to being a creator myself, and now at long last the planets have aligned and it's time to share some comments on my own work.

In my last post, I teased that everything is about to change. Well, I meant it. And today, that change has a name.

Shaft InteractiveShaft Interactive is an indie game developer startup which will serve as the face of my creative efforts moving forward. While I am currently its only full-time member, I have no delusions of being able to pull off something so ambitious alone. It's been terrific to reach out to other creators and entrepreneurs and glean from their experience and work with them to bring Shaft…

Hello, World!

In case you hadn't noticed, things are looking a little different around here today! Depending on how long you've followed this blog, you may have seen me say something to that effect on several different occasions, but for 2017 the difference runs far more than skin deep. In fact, the site design hasn't really changed much at all. This year, much, much bigger things are happening.

First, say hello to a new format!I'll own up to it: in the past I said that ThinkBoxly was a tech news portal and that would never change. Well, never say never. Starting today, ThinkBoxly has been converted into my personal developer blog, and all pre-2017 content has been migrated into the archives. You can still read it all, and it won't be going anywhere--not only so I can say I technically kept my promise, but because this site is now a record of my journey, and all the tech articles are completely a part of that.

Second, this now being a developer blog—you guessed it—I'm developi…