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Update 18 - VNgen: Coming Soon!

When you've spent enough time working on a project, it's funny how the end can sort of sneak up on you. No matter how long you've spent anticipating it, how many tears you've shed wishing it were here, when the time finally comes to set foot over the finish line, it sort of just... happens.

"Oh, yeah. That was it." That was pretty much my response this past week when I checked the last feature off VNgen's to-do list. It was a feature I'd been dreading for a while—not because I was worried I couldn't do it, but because of the amount of unique code it required. Tedium, in other words.

Well, now the boring slog is over, and one year later VNgen is officially feature-complete! There's still a handful of work to be done before it's ready to be called Version 1.0, but that day is coming up fast! As such, this weekend we'll not only be taking a look at the many changes and additions that have been made recently, but what you can expect for when…

Update 17 - Music to the Ears

It's hard to believe, but it has now been two weeks since the unveiling of Yugure no Kagami as the debut game of my indie career. Things have been a bit quiet since then, but don't let the silence deceive you: behind the scenes, things are more active than ever. So much so that, in fact, this week we'll be able to check off a category from the to-do list entirely—and you'll get to hear the results!

Yugure no Kagami Status Report
As promised, it's time for our second biweekly Yugure no Kagami status report, and if you recall the graph from last time, you'll notice that one category has jumped quite a bit this week—namely, music!

That's right: the soundtrack for Yugure no Kagami is 100% complete! Back in 2014 when I wrote the melody for the series theme song I never imagined it would get the professional treatment it has. The final soundtrack is comprised of several licensed tracks plus 11 original tracks com…